Apple Earnings Call $AAPL Q2 2023 10Q


MAY 4, 2023

Key Takeaway from Apple earnings call $AAPL Q2 2023 10Q:

Apple’s Q2 2023 earnings call reported better-than-expected revenue, with strong performances in emerging markets. iPhone, Mac, and iPad faced challenges but still achieved notable results. Services reached an all-time revenue record, and Apple TV Plus garnered critical acclaim. The company emphasized its commitment to environmental sustainability. Overall, Apple’s diverse product and services portfolio continue to drive growth and customer satisfaction.



Key points from Apple earnings call $AAPL Q2 2023 10Q

– Revenue for the March quarter was $94.8 billion, better than expectations.

– All-time records were set in emerging markets such as Mexico, Indonesia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the UAE.

– iPhone revenue reached a new March quarter record of $51.3 billion.

– Mac revenue was $7.2 billion, impacted by challenging comparisons and macroeconomic challenges.

– iPad revenue was $6.7 billion, also impacted by macroeconomic challenges and a difficult comparison.

– Wearables, Home, and Accessories revenue was $8.8 billion.

– Services set an all-time revenue record of $20.9 billion.

– Apple TV Plus continues to receive praise, with over 1,450 nominations and 350 wins.

– Apple launched Apple Pay Later and Apple Card savings accounts to enhance user experiences.

– The company opened its first two Apple stores in India.

– Apple is committed to environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality goals.

– Company gross margin was 44.3%, driven by cost savings and favorable mix-shift towards services.

– Operating expenses were $13.7 billion, at the low-end of expectations.


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